Thursday, June 21, 2012

FINISHED!!! #354 Smash a Pie in Someone's Face

    I had errands to run yesterday, the biggest of those errands being that I had to go grocery store and buy food for the week. My friends Nicki and Nate happened to stop over around the time I was leaving the house and I asked them to come along with me and help keep an eye on my five year old daughter, Katie. She can be a handful at times, and it's nice to have an extra set of eyes and hands to keep track of her. They reluctantly agreed, and I told them that I would buy them fruit snacks or something in exchange for their help. 
    When we arrived at the store, we roamed the aisles, gathering the things I needed for the week. When we arrived in the freezer section, I walked right past the ice creams and deserts as I normally do, but Nicki spotted a chocolate pie. She asked me if I would buy her the pie, and suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head!! Smash a pie in someone's face was on my bucket list!! I told her that I would make her a pie, which would be cheaper and taste much better than the frozen kind, if, in exchange, she would let me smash it in her face. To my surprise she excitedly agreed. More to my surprise, Nate also volunteered for the same punishment! 
     I quickly backtracked and grabbed the ingredients to make the pies. Nicki wanted a chocolate pudding pie, and Nate asked for banana cream pie because he is a freak of nature and doesn't like chocolate. I got home, and made the pies, and waited excitedly for the pudding to set so that they would be ready. When they were set, I drove to the bowling alley with Nicki, and waited for Nate to get off work. 
     When Nate got off work, to my surprise, most of the bowling alley came out to the parking lot to watch  me pie my friends! Complete strangers were recording the act on their iPhones! To my dismay, I found out that my camera didn't have batteries in it when I got to the bowling alley. 
     Anyway, Nicki went first. She stood really still, with her eyes closed, and BAM! I smacked her with the pie. It went EVERYWHERE! There was really no chance of eating any of the remnants. After that, I got Nate in the same fashion. They were both really great to volunteer. I only wish they hadn't decided to hug me afterward. I had pudding and whipped cream all over me! It was one of the funnest nights I have ever had though, and I don't think I will ever forget it.


  1. lol that sounds like an awesome night! This is pretty well written, it flows well.

    1. Thank you so much for the complement! It was truly an awesome night. It was one of the best I have ever had.