Thursday, May 16, 2013

FINISHED! #332 Live past 12/21/12

So, I just noticed that this was still on my list. Hey look! I'm still alive! Woot!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finished! # 241 Own a pair of super hero underwear

     I am OBSESSED with Wonder Woman! She is everything I want to be as a woman. Smart, strong, independent  and busty. I especially wish I was as busty as Wonder Woman. I also love it that she is brunette. :D I love Wonder Woman so much, that I even have a tattoo of the Wonder Woman symbol on my ankle. So, when I decided to add own a pair of super hero underwear to my bucket list, I did so with her in mind.
     Over the last year, since I made my list, I have seen Batman, Superman, and even Aqua man panties, but couldn't find Wonder Woman! Until yesterday. I was bra shopping at Target with the thought of my Bucket list no where in sight, when I glimpsed some Batman panties. I went over to check them out, and behold! Wonder Woman panties one shelf down! They were even glittery and pink! Sorry, but I am not including a photo of my underpants on my blog. :)