Saturday, June 1, 2013

FINISHED!! #152.Try every kind of girl scout cookie

When I made my list I thought that this particular thing on my list would be a little harder than it actually was. I was under the impression that over several years I would have to seek out various Girl Scouts, and buy a box or two at a time, until I eventually conquered them all. It's really funny how things work out sometimes.

I ended up trying every kind of Girl Scout cookie in one night.

My daughter, who is six and in Kindergarten, is what some would call a miscreant. I just call her Kate. Anyway, she gets in trouble in school a lot, and the teacher thought some of this might be due to the fact that she is an only child. Because of this, I decided that she needed a way to be more social outside of school. I thought Girl Scouts would be a good option.

I called the Girl Scouts in our area, and unfortunately, there wasn't a troop that was accepting new members nearby, so of course, being the awesome mom that I am, I started a troop at my daughter's school. We had to do several types of training, and around cookie selling time, we had to go to something called "Cookie College", where we learned the protocol for selling cookies, and what kinds of cookies there were. Part of this training, the best part in my opinion, was that we had to try all of the cookies.

I always thought my favorite Girl Scout cookie was Thin Mints, which seems to be the most popular of all the cookies. I learned that day that Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies are amazing though. I also learned that people who like Mango Cremes are freaks of nature, because EW!

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